Two exhibitions at Jönköping Univeristy

Two exhibitions will be held at the School of Engineering on 12 and 15 December. During the first exhibition, 14 exchange students from the program Building Design with Architecture will exhibit their project work from the course Project Work. During the second exhibition, students from the program Product Development and Design will showcase chainsaw prototypes developed during the course Product Development.

Exhibition December 12 - Welcome to see the students' visions for Jönköping

On 12 December from 12:00 to 16:45, 14 exchange students will showcase their project work in architecture and construction technology at the main entrance of the School of Engineering

In the course that is now being completed, the students have made drawings for various planned building projects around Jönköping. Amongst the projects are proposals for student housing in the parking lot below the School of Health and Welfare, an art gallery at JU, a cold bathhouse in Munksjön and a viewpoint at Vista Kulle.

The focus of the projects has been future housing, leisure and family and tourism from a sustainability perspective. When the projects are presented, students will be prepared to answer questions from the public.

Exhibition December 15 - chainsaw prototypes

Students who study the program Mechanical Engineering with focus on product development and design complete the Product Development course during week 50.

The course has a clear focus on product development and is given in close cooperation with Husqvarna Group. For 15 weeks, students have been working on developing chainsaw prototypes and new chain protection solutions.

The day starts at 09.00 with tape clipping, mingling and coffee at the main entrance of the School of Engineering, where the students will also exhibit their prototypes. Thereafter, the final report of the project will be carried out together with staff from the School of Engineering and Husqvarna Group. The whole day is open to the public.

Welcome to a nice and fun day with our students!