Ladok is closed for all students and personnel from Wednesday 28 February to Monday 12 March

JU to implement a new Ladok. Read about how the transition to the new system will affect you.

Registration: It will not be possible to register for courses while Ladok is unavailable.
Transcripts of records, registration certificates and course certificates: During the transition to the new system, you will not be able to obtain any transcripts of records, registration certificates or course certificates.
Exam results: No exam results or credit transfers can be registered in Ladok while the system is closed. Degree certificates: It will not be possible to apply for degree certificates, and no degree certificates will be issued.
Confirmation of exam registration: As JU Mobile and Ladok Web Services will be affected by Ladok being temporarily closed, for exams held in March and April, you will not be able to see confirmation of your registration in your mobile or on the Web. In connection with your registration, you will, however, receive confirmation via email. If you are not sure whether you have registered, please check if you have received a confirmation email.
Examination schedule: You will not be able to access the schedule for exams held in March and April in JU Mobile. An updated examination schedule will therefore be published on the Student Web a few days before each exam. You can also turn to Service Center with questions about exam venues and times.

For further information about the new Ladok, please visit