Ladok is now open

The transition to the new Ladok has now been completed. On the Student Web/Ladok, there is more information and a link to StudentLadok. To log into Ladok, use your regular user name and password.

Most of what was previously found on the Ladok Web Services website has been integrated into the new Ladok. You can, for example, register for courses and exams as well as obtain national certificates. Your scanned exams and examination schedule can be found on the Student Web. JU Mobile is linked to the new Ladok. Please note! In the new Ladok and JU Mobile, you will not be able to see information about exams held in March and April. Please refer to your confirmation email.

For some time to come, there will be scheduled interruptions on a regular basis. For up-to-date information on interruptions and other important Ladok news, please visit the Ladok page on the Student Web.

You need to log into StudentLadok to choose to what email address you want the system to send details on exam results etc.

If you need help or have any questions, please feel free to contact us using our case management system.