A new digital type of exam at JU

JU has now introduced a new way for you to write your exams: digital exam in Inspera. This new type of exam is based on a simple principle: when writing a digital exam, you will take your own laptop computer with you to the exam room or you will borrow a laptop from JU.

You will write your exam in a new web-based platform called Inspera Assessment, that locks your computer and limits your access to your private programs and files. By offering this new exam possibility, JU will:

  • Make digital exam available to more students
  • Increase your legal certainty as the handling of physical paper exams will be reduced
  • Reduce stress during exams, as it will be easier to structure and edit your answers
  • Increase comfort during exams, as it will be able to use your own computer

400 students have already tested our new exam system, and the experiences have been positive. During the autumn semester 2018 we expect that at least an additional 1000 students will write a digital exam in Inspera.

Note that digital exam in Inspera initially will be used only for campus-based exams.

How do I know when I will write a digital exam in Inspera?

When it's time for you to write a digital exam in our new examination system, you will receive information about this. You will also be able to see this when you will apply for your exam in StudentLadok. Thereafter it is your responsibility as a student to prepare for your exam.

How you can prepare for your digital exam you can read on the student web under Studies > Examination > Inspera - Digital Exam. There you will also find more information about our exam platform Inspera, about our rebuilt exam rooms and you will find a FAQ where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


If you already have questions about digital exam in Inspera, or would you like to share your opinion with us, please feel free to contact us online by using the case management system or visit us in Service Center at our drop-in on Wednesday May 16th, 11-12h or Wednesday May 23rd, 11-12h.