Content updated 2017-12-05


Campus-based Inspera exams are performed on JU computers in exam halls. Remote exams are performed on your own PC or Mac.

Preparations before the exam


ChromeBooks are NOT combatible with Inspera-exams at JU, only use PC or Mac.

It is not possible to submit your Inspera exam when writing on a ChromeBook, and your exam will not reach your examiner.

It may appear as if it’s working when you write your exam on your ChromeBook. But at the end there will be no “Submit Now” button to hand over your exam submission. This means that the examiner as well as the examination group, will not receive your exam.


1. Borrow a PC or MAC
2. Go to a computer lab on campus
3. Contact the Exams Team via the Case Management System and ask if there are any available seats in the exam halls

After the exam

  • Once your exam has been assessed by your teacher, log in to Inspera External link, opens in new window.. There you will find your results and grades. Your assessed exams will also be available on JU Mobile and on Exam External link, opens in new window.

  • Read more Pdf, 140 kB. about how to view your exam and comments in Inspera

    The teacher has the choice of publishing different parts/amounts of your assessed exam.

    Please note, the examiner needs to check a box for student post submission review. If you cannot see the exam, please contact your examiner.
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