New printers and printing system

The printing system at Jönköping University will be replaced in November-December 2018. Both machines and payment system will be changed. It will be implemented in the following order:

School of Engineering (Building E): Thursday November 29
Students’ House (Building D): Monday December 3
Jönköping International Business School (Building B): Monday December 3
School of Education and Communication (Building H): Wednesday December 5
School of Health and Welfare (Building G): Thursday December 6

The Library and remaining buildings: Tuesday Dec. 11.

Disruptions may occur on the day of replacement.

In the new system, printouts can be made via JU computers, private computers, web portal and email. As a student, you can use PayPal to pay, with either a PayPal account or a credit card, but not via PayEx.

For more information about the new printing solution and what you have to do to use it, see IT Helpdesks web pages