Mohammed Abdelgawad from Jönköping University is rewarded by Foreign Trade Minister Ann Linde

Today, May 21, 26 students from countries around the world received the Global Swede diploma by Foreign Trade Minister Ann Linde. One of the students is Mohammed Abdelgawad from Jönköping University.

This is the ninth consecutive year that the diploma ceremony for Global Swede is organized by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Institute. During the ceremony, 26 students from countries around the world were recognized by Foreign Trade Minister Ann Linde, Swedish Institute's Deputy Director-General Mikaela Fredriksén Tollin and Group Manager at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Unit for Promotion and Sustainable Entrepreneurship Gabriella Augustsson.

One of the students that was rewarded is Mohammed Abdelgawad who is studying his master's degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship at Jönköping International Business School at Jönköping University.

The nomination text;

Mohammed Abdelgawad from Egypt is a highly motivated and committed student who has demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and a proactive attitude in the academic world. Overall, with his willingness to cooperate and good academic results, he is an excellent ambassador, both today and tomorrow, for Jönköping University and Jönköping International Business School.

– Winning this award is a one more reminder for me to always put my heart in any work that I do, and for that I am grateful for my time at Jönköping University. Being the 2019 Global Swede nominee would not have been possible without the inspiration I have received from my seniors and my colleagues, for whom I have the deepest respect, and from whom I have derived the strength to challenge myself and perform better at each stage, says Mohammed Abdelgawad.

The international college students who today, May 21, received the Global Swede diploma, have distinguished themselves in areas related to innovation and entrepreneurship and proved to be good representatives for both Sweden and their own country.

– we are very proud that Mohammmed has received this prestigious award and will act as ambassador for JU and Sweden. The Global Swede is a very important initiative from the Swedish Government and the Swedish Institute which aims at building long-term relationship with outstanding international students, such as Mohammmed, says Lucia Naldi, the President´s senior adviser for Internationalization at Jönköping University.

The purpose with Global Swede is to create bridges of cross-border and multicultural networks that will contribute to Swedish trade and promote the work of reaching future solutions.

Global Sweden is a way of saying thank you to some of our most innovative international students. Students from other countries play an important role in our international relations and I hope the award can encourage continued exchanges and relationships with Sweden, says Ann Linde, Foreign Trade Minister.

Mohammed Abdelgawad