Important information about exams

Updated 14 March at 20:00. Jönköping University's ambition is to continue our operation and to do it wisely, which now means a transition to more digital operations.

All forms of exams in an exam hall, both paper exams and exams in Inspera (held in the exam hall), starting 14 March and until further notice, are converted into exams which are conducted digitally and remotely.


It is important that everyone takes responsibility for their education and all students are expected to comply with the following regulations for digital examination. The exam is done individually, no collaboration is allowed. You can only use the tools stated in the exam. An anti-plagiarism control will be performed and if cheating is detected, will lead to a disciplinary action reported to the Disciplinary Committee at Jönköping University.

Inspera examination

It has been decided that all Inspera-exams will be taken from home until further notice.

Students will carry out their exams during the original exam time, but from home. You log in with your regular JU-login to and do not need to install anything. You are only allowed to use the tools stated in the exam.

The examination rooms are open and available for students who do not have the technological ability to take their exam from home. As of Monday, March 23, only the examination room in the K-building is open.

We fully understand that these changes can create questions. Problems may occur when rearrangements are made, and we will need to work together.

Please follow the updated information on