Stricter recommendations in Jönköping County means further adjustments to JU operations

Jönköping University is now making further adjustments to its daily operations after the announcement of local general recommendations in Jönköping County. The goal is to reduce instances of physical contact and to increase digital contact and working from home.

Due to the changed situation and new local recommendations for Jönköping County, Jönköping University has decided to implement the following changes in order to reduce the amount of staff and students on campus.

The following changes apply until 24 November, but could be extended:

  • At present, the previously decided corona-adapted campus education will continue with the exception that lectures should be given online.
  • Students are encouraged to study from home and find digital solutions for contacting other students and JU staff.
  • Staff are asked to work at home if their tasks allow it. Decisions about the suitability of working at home are to be made in consultation with the immediate manager.
  • Meetings that do not require a physical gathering should be carried out digitally.
  • Business trips should not be made.
  • Entry to campus premises will require a pass card at all times.
  • The University Library, IT Helpdesk and Service Center will remain open, but students and staff are asked to consider digital contact options to begin with.
  • Sports training in Campus Arena, which is arranged by various student associations at Jönköping University, are now cancelled and the gym at Campus Gränna will also be closed.

“It is important to us that both students and staff do their utmost to not contribute to the spread of this virus and therefore we are doing all we can to reduce potential contact areas on campus. What we all do now will determine how long these restrictions remain in place and will help us continue our operations in a safe and secure way,” says Agneta Marell, President Jönköping University.

Jönköping University is monitoring the situation and following the recommendations from the responsible authorities. Information is published continuously at