Continued adaptation of on-campus education during spring

Jönköping University is planning for continued on-campus education during the spring semester 2021.

A President’s decision has been made regarding teaching in spring 2021 with regards to the current recommendations and guidelines. Study groups with laboratory/practical elements and study groups with examination elements that are not suitable to be conducted remotely/digitally will be prioritized JU-wide to be on-campus. The limit of 50 people in a classroom still applies, provided that the room can be adapted, so that there is sufficient space between the students in the room. Students who do not have any scheduled classes or other scheduled activities are asked to study from home to the extent possible.

The Dean of each school and Managing Director of JUE are given the mandate to, within the framework of the operations of the school and through a written decision, starting in the spring semester 2021, allow on-campus education and examination in an exam hall for student groups other than those that are prioritized JU-wide. Each Dean/MD is responsible for ensuring that as many study groups as possible are given access to campus during spring term 2021.

The decision is valid from the start of the spring term (2021-01-18) and the former decision will thereby expire.

More information about examinations External link, opens in new window.

If you have questions about teaching in the spring, please contact course or programme coordinator

Jönköping University is monitoring the situation and following the recommendations from the responsible authorities. Information is published continuously at External link, opens in new window.