New semester with continued restrictions on campus

On 18 January, the spring semester at Jönköping University started with the continued restriction of on-campus attendance due to the current situation.

Stricter national regulations and advice apply throughout Sweden due to the situation with the pandemic. During the autumn semester, JU had corona-adapted campus teaching, and during the spring semester, JU maintains this in order to reduce physical meetings, which has led to, among other things, more elements becoming digital and increased work from home.

What is applicable on campus?

Laboratory or practical elements are conducted with corona adaptations on campus.

In addition to this, the Dean/Managing Director at each school/company can decide that other teaching and examination elements that for pedagogical reasons or from a legal security point of view are not suitable to be implemented digitally are scheduled on campus. For study social reasons, there may be reason to carry out certain activities on campus in a corona-protected environment.

All activities at JU are conducted in accordance with the Public Health Agency of Sweden's regulations and general guidelines and in dialogue with the infection control unit at Ryhov.

This includes that:

  • sufficient distance can be maintained between the persons in each room
  • there should be no risk of over-crowding in the corridors.
  • Safe distances during exams on campus
  • ensure the possibility of good hand hygiene (hand sanitizer) in all premises

Students are encouraged to study from home and find digital solutions for contacting other students and JU staff.

Staff are asked to work at home if their tasks allow it. Decisions about the suitability of working at home are to be made in consultation with the immediate manager.

The University Library, IT-helpdesk and Service Centre will remain open, but students and staff are asked to consider digital contact options to begin with.

It is important that the individual takes responsibility for staying home if you have symptoms. If you are ill, you should not come to campus, either for teaching or exams.

Updated information

Follow the updated information on a regular basis via the authorities’ websites and also on JU’s special information page: Opens in new window.

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