Digital signature now available at JU

A new service for digital signing is now available for all staff and students at JU. With eduSign, you can upload and digitally sign PDF and XML documents.

The service is developed by Sunet (Swedish University Computer Network) and follows the Swedish Digital Administration's framework for digital signatures for government agencies.

This is how eduSign works

You can access the signing tool via:

In the tool, you upload the PDF document to be signed, sign the document with your JU account and then download the signed document.

Signed documents contain both a digital signature and a last page where the information about the person who signed the document is displayed. The digital signature contains information about the digital identity used in the signing.

Validate a digitally signed document

To confirm that a digitally signed document has a signature that is genuine and that the document has not been altered after signing, eduSign’s validation service is used. The service has open access, requires no login, and is available here:

You can find more information about the service on the page eduSign -