De-identification of the exam process at JU

As of September 2021, Jönköping University will apply de-identified exam routines for digital exams in Inspera and for paper-based venue exams. This applies to both on-campus exams and remote exams.

All students’ answers should be treated equally and that all students are assessed equally is the main purpose of the project. With de-identified exams, the process becomes more legally certain and safety for the student is increased.

The new process means that the student will be kept unidentified from the point of enrollment until the finished assessment. After that, the ID will automatically be returned, and the grades will be applied to the known personal ID in Ladok.

The only difference for you as a student will be that you will be given a code before taking your exam. If it is a venue-based exam, the on-site invigilator will answer your questions. With regards to Inspera exams, the routine of log-in will be as usual, except that your code will be displayed in Inspera.

This decision affects Inspera exams and paper-based exams, not including remote exams outside of Inspera, e.g. exams in Canvas, group exams, practical or laborative element, or peer review.

More information about exams at JU can be found here