JU continues to be an elite athlete friendly university

The Swedish Sports Confederation (Swe: Riksidrottsförbundet) has awarded Jönköping University (JU) continued rights to be an elite athlete friendly university (EVL) during 2022–2026.

Jönköping University has been an elite athlete friendly university since 2015 through the Swedish Sports Confederation. This means that students can adapt their studies to combine them with being an elite athlete. This work takes place together with the Swedish Sports Confederation and the Special Sports Federations.

The Swedish Sports Confederation has now announced which higher education institutions will continue to be trusted to be EVLs and Jönköping University is one of these higher education institutions.

“Being trusted to continue until 2026 shows that JU has so far done well as an elite athlete friendly university, and that everyone involved has done a good job of adapting and having a flexible mindset when working to support our elite athletes' investment in dual careers,” says Mona Sörman, study counsellor and responsible for EVL at JU.

The requirements set by the Swedish Sports Confederation include that the university should give students the opportunity for adapted studies and increased flexibility in terms of lectures, study pace and exams.

“I work together with course coordinators, programme managers, study counsellors among others, and I know how much work is put in to helping and supporting the EVL students. It is of great importance at the individual level for the students who receive support to both continue playing sports and complete their studies,” concludes Mona.


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