New temporary measures due to Covid-19

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has announced new temporary advice and recommendations to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in society and to reduce the risk of the healthcare system being overburdened.

From 23 December new temporary recommendations are introduced. You can read more in English here

The new recommendations do not infer any large changes for JU’s operation when it comes to teaching and examination. Read more about the new recommendations for universities and other higher educational institutions on the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website (In Swedish)

Teaching and examinations should, to the extent possible, be conducted on campus with suitable measures to reduce infection taken. Examples of measures at JU could be:

  • To enable people to keep distance to each other by placing seats at a distance - refurnish or otherwise create space to make it possible to keep distance, including at entrances and exits.
  • Offer possibilities to keep good hand hygiene, to wash hands with soap and water, or offer hand sanitizer.
  • Off-campus teaching can be used as a tool for certain elements to create space in the teaching rooms, for example at larger lectures. Information on which lectures/elements at JU may be relevant to place at a distance, the management at each school/company will notify the affected staff. Affected students will receive information from their teachers.

Employees can be encouraged to work from home by their immediate manager to the extent their work tasks allow. However, it is important that the operations on campus can continue to be carried out in an efficient way.

Public gatherings and public events must follow the restrictions communicated by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. JU does not use vaccination certificates for public gatherings and public events.

Private gatherings in JU’s premises must follow the restrictions communicated by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

It is still very important to follow recommendations and general advice and JU encourages those who can get vaccinated against Covid-19 to do so. It is important that students and staff take personal responsibility and contribute to reducing the spread of infection by, among other things:

  • Staying at home and testing for Covid-19 when ill
  • Keeping distance where possible
  • Wash your hands with soap and water often or use hand sanitizer.