Apply for the Hamrin Foundation's new scholarship for master students

Is your master’s thesis of interest to academia, business, the public sector and society? Then you can apply for the Hamrin Foundation's new master's scholarship, the Impact Scholarship 2022. Apply by 30 September.

The Hamrin Foundation was founded in 1986 through donations from Jenz Hamrin and her daughter Christina Hamrin. Since 1988, the Foundation has distributed approximately SEK 320 million to research. The Foundation is developing further and launching a new scholarship for master students – the Impact Scholarship, which opens in April 2022. The scholarship amount is SEK 50,000, and a maximum of two scholarships will be awarded in 2022.

All master students with a thesis of interest to academia, business, the public sector and society can apply. The scholarship will be awarded to students who have created social benefits with their master thesis – or created Impact, as the scholarship is named after. The idea behind the scholarship is to highlight and support students who have made a difference in society, academia and business.

The applications will be assessed by an external expert jury and decision-makers from the Hamrin Foundation and Herenco. The jury's mission is to evaluate each application according to selected criteria. Then, the Hamrin Foundation's board chooses the scholarship holders.

"We will strive to find connections between the theses and our focus areas. Still, we are open for applications from all areas of interest," says Lovisa Hamrin, Chair of the Hamrin Foundation and owner of Herenco.Apply by 30 September.

The award ceremony will take place in November.

Applications for the scholarship are made here.

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