JU’s premises used for training by the Swedish Police Authority

During the autumn of 2022, a collaboration has begun between Jönköping University (JU) and the Swedish Police Authority. The police are making use of JU’s premises for training sessions, including training for tracking dogs.

The initiative comes from Jönköping University’s Premises and Security Coordinator, Johanna Andersson, who started discussions with the municipal police during a networking meeting where they concluded that a collaboration would be fruitful for both parties.

The purpose of ​​the collaboration is to make JU’s premises available for the police authority’s training, which will enable an improved general level of security on campus and will give the police better specific knowledge of JU’s premises.

“Our campus is over 90,000 square meters and it is difficult, even for us, to have a complete overview. The fact that the police authority wants to carry out training on our premises is positive for JU. It will ensure that they know our premises better,” says Johanna Andersson.

Earlier in the autumn, the police started working with trainee tracker dogs in public areas of student accommodation. They will also be able to train on campus. The training takes place mainly in the evenings and weekends, rarely during the day, to ensure that regular university activities are disrupted as little as possible.

Happy for the collaboration

“The police authority is happy about the cooperation. They have their place of work very close to us, on the other side of Gjuterigatan, but even so, they have difficulty gaining knowledge about our activities and our premises. The cooperation will increase both the general security and the specific knowledge that the police have. I look forward to developing the collaboration,” says Johanna.

The collaboration has been going on since the beginning of autumn and the hope is that it will continue on a long-term basis. As of now, it will not affect students or staff at the university other than police officers might be seen on JU premises.

Polisbil i mörker

Photo: Swedish Police Authority