Caste discrimination – a tragic reality

Welcome to attend a lecture with JU alumna Andrea Stålberg who will talk about her experiences from working with caste discrimination in India. The lecture is on 15 March.

Andrea Stålberg graduated from the Global Studies Program 2022. She has a great interest in human rights, especially with a focus on women and children. She recently came back from an internship in India through the organization The Swallows India Bangladesh. She has worked closely with a right-based organization, focusing on defending the rights of Dalits, also referred to as “the untouchables”.

Her presentation will focus on Caste discrimination by sharing experiences from the tragic but true reality of it. She will share stories from meetings with people who lost their loved ones in the name of honor. She will also talk about organizations and people who continuously fight against the discriminating legal system in the pursuit for justice and strive to maintain human rights – for all.

When and where

Wednesday 15 March at 12:15-13:00

Hb116, School of Education and Communication

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