Text message service now available at JU

In situations of emergency at JU, either in a building or on campus, where there is danger to life or health, it is important to be able to reach out with information quickly to the people concerned. JU has acquired a text message service to be able to send out information to staff and students. This is due to both the world situation and JU’s overall continuity plan.

The work with the text message service is part of JU’s continuity planning, which means securing JU’s operations in the event of crises or changes. The text message service will be a way to reach out quickly to all employees and students in the event of a bomb threat, serious accident, or similar. The text message service will only be used in crisis situations and otherwise established channels within JU will be used. The issue has been anchored in JU Executive Team where the situation is continuously discussed.

“We see a need to ensure continuity planning for JU in this situation. We are therefore closely following the development of events in Sweden and the world, and are in close contact with both other higher education institutions and authorities. Being able to communicate quickly via text messages to staff and students will be a valuable tool,” says Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University.

Text message sent to private phones

All employees who have a work phone and students who have registered their mobile phone number will receive the messages.

Remember to enter your mobile phone number when you register your JU profile/user account!

The IT department is responsible for the technical solution and the Communications department has been responsible for the development of text templates. The main people responsible for sending out messages are currently Håkan Sonesson, Chief Information Security Officer, and Anders Jonzon, Chief Communications Officer. Contact either of them in case of an urgent need to send out a message.

A group with representatives from all companies within JU and the Student Union will be appointed and trained during the autumn. These people will be able to send out text messages. More information will be sent to the people concerned directly.

If you have questions about the SMS service, contact Håkan Sonesson.

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