Do what matters - a course that will help you thrive!

Do you sometime feel stuck in your heach? Trouble concentrating on your studies and maintaining healthy relationships? Then you should join the course Do What Matters with the Student Health Care!

You will learn to be more mindful and be able to deal with diffiult thoughts and emotions in a more helpful way. As a participant in this course you will be provided with a variety of practical tools and strategies. The instructor is Victoria Wendel, counsellor and CBT-therapist. Maximum participants is 8 persons, so make such to apply in time!

Start on 9 November at 15:00-17:00.

The course runs for six consecutive Thursdays.

Comment from a former participant: "It is an amazing course, you learn so many great techniques to help you deal with and better manage life and stress which life can give you."

For more information or to apply: Doing what matters