JU introduces digital Degree Certificates

From April 2024, Jönköping University will switch to digital degree certificates.

The digital solution applies to all first, second and third level degree certificates. When a degree certificate has been issued, a notification is sent by e-mail stating which degree has been issued. The student retrieves the certificate in the Ladok student interface: Ladok for students or Ladok for alumni. The digital degree certificate will always be available there and when a digital degree is issued, the student can download their degree certificate at any time and print it if desired.

The digital certificate is a PDF file that is e-stamped. The certificate can be verified by uploading the document to Ladok's verification page. It is also possible to verify the e-stamp via Adobe. In this way, prospective employers can easily verify an issued degree.

The digital solution only applies to degree certificates issued as of April 2024. Previously issued degree certificates from Jönköping University are in paper form and cannot be obtained in the new digital system.

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