Results from ISBSB 2023

During November-December 2023, a large student survey was conducted at Jönköping University. The results of the survey are now available. Thanks to all of you who contributed!

Since 2013, Jönköping University has conducted the ISBSB, the International Student Barometer (ISB) and the National Student Barometer (SB), eight times. Below are some of the results from the latest survey.

  • Overall, student satisfaction has remained at about the same level since before the pandemic. The proportion of students who would recommend others to study at JU is roughly the same now as in 2018. See the graph below for comparison between the years.
  • Both international and domestic students are very satisfied with the learning environment at JU, such as the library and teaching facilities.
  • Students are also satisfied with the quality of teaching and the competence of teachers.
  • International students seem to have a little more difficulty getting advice on long-term job opportunities in parallel with their studies, which does not seem to apply to domestic students to the same extent.
  • Both international and domestic students feel safe on campus and enjoy the environment. In particular, there is satisfaction with the sports opportunities offered and students with disabilities are very satisfied with the support they receive.
  • Some students indicate that they feel discriminated against or negatively treated. The most common grounds of discrimination mentioned are nationality and ethnicity.

“It is great to see that the students are so satisfied with the teaching at JU, and especially with the skill and competence of the teachers. We are pleased with the results, but also see that there is potential for development. It is especially important that we work with the factors that risk making students feel discriminated against. We have clear zero tolerance at JU,” says Robert Gunnarsson. He continues:

“To every student who took the time to respond, thank you! Your opinion is valuable, your response will help us improve for both current and future students at JU.”