An important part of the project is to be part of different events focusing on the Ageing and Entreprenurship. We will in addition organize our own events. You can find more information here on upcoming and past events. 

Upcoming events:

June 26, 2020, REAL Seminar

Mikaela Backman will be part of the REAL Seminar seriesexternal link, opens in new window and speak about the project and ongoing research. 

Past events:

June 11, 2020, "Virtual Uddevalla" an online event:

Mikaela Backman and Johannes Hagen organise a special session on "The Aging Population: Individual, Organizational and Regional Opportunities and Challenges" as part of the 23rd Uddevalla Symposium: The Geography of Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship – Implications for Regional Growth
and Development. As the conference was cancelled the special session was conducted online on June 11, 2020, 13.30-17.00. 

The schedule was: 

13.30-13.45 Introduction

13.45-14.30 “Social capital and regional determinants of senior entrepreneurship” by Marcin Rataj and Heike Mayer. Discussant: John-Erik Andreassen.

14.30-15.15 “Senior Entrepreneurship. Who gains?” by Mikaela Backman, Johannes Hagen and Charlie Karlsson. Discussant: Ting Zhang.

15.15-16.00 “Innovation management in eldercare” by John-Erik Andreassen. Discussant: Mikaela Backman.

16.00-16.45 “’I am in Control Now’: Health Impact of Self-Employment among Older Workers” by Ting Zhang, Dawn Carr, and Yu Kang. Discussant: Heike Mayer

26 February, 2020, SRERC seminar series

Mikaela Backman was part of the non-visting visiting seminar serieexternal link, opens in new window at the Spatial and Regional Economics Research Centre SRERCexternal link, opens in new window at the university Collage Cork. She presented on the topic "Aging, Entrepreneurship and Firm Development"

29 January, 2020, City-REDI seminar series

Mikaela Backman visited and presented the project and ongoing research at the research institute City-REDIexternal link, opens in new window at the University of Birmingham.