Media exposure

As an important part of the project is to spread the knowledge that is accumulated. Here is a sample of media exposure related to our project. 

  • Our project and the reserach about older employees and managers has been highlighted by (in Swedish only) 
  • The book produced within the project "Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Aging" edited by Mikaela Backman, Charlie Karlsson and Orsa Kekezi has been mentioned and highlighted by the magazin Entréexternal link, opens in new window.
  • Having older managers and employees in your company can contribute to its survival. JIBS researchers Mikaela Backman and Prof Charlie Karlsson carried out a study into the age composition of the managers and personnel forces, and this was one of their conclusions. "Our study shows that it is good for small and young companies to have older managers. They can contribute capital, industry experience and a network of customers, suppliers and financiers." Read more in Civilekonom magazine (in Swedish only):

Content updated 2020-06-16