In order to know more about how age influnce individuals to become entrepreneurs an important part of the project was to create and send out a survey. 

It is not possible to capture all aspects of ageing and entrepreneurship using register data from Statistics Sweden. We are for example not able to ask the individuals of why they have decided to become entrepreneurs. To capture this aspect, we sent out a survey to elderly entrepreneurs capturing the motives and underlying reasons why they become entrepreneurs at an older stage. We are immensely grateful for those that answered the survey and who made this analysis possible, thank you! The result from the survey will soon be uploaded. 

Further, we will complement the archival time series data with a longitudinal survey, in two waves, in order to get information on start-up motivations and growth ambitions as well as how these change over time. The longitudinal nature of the survey data will allow to perform several quantitative analyses such as panel estimates and multi-level estimates.

For more questions about the survey, please contact the project leader: Mikaela Backman