You can gain a lot by collaborating with JIBS. For example, interaction with our students can provide additional perspectives on a current situation. Still, it can also help you create awareness about your organisation and build relationships with potential future colleagues.

Collaboration that we offer

Study visits or guest lecture

A simple form of cooperation is a study visit. Within the course framework, a group of students makes a study visit to your company/organisation. As an alternative, someone from the company/organisation can instead hold a guest lecture at JIBS. You give practical insights within a specific area and have the opportunity to present your business and connect with students and researchers.

Live case or course project

By joining one of our courses and inviting our students to learn about your organisation, you can get a group of students or a whole class to propose solutions to an opportunity or challenge you have recently experienced. Such a "live case" can be solved fully on-campus or by inviting students to your site.

A similar collaboration is the "course project", where students explore a topic pre-determined by the teacher or a topic you define with the student group (within the course subject). This often implies a deeper collaboration where students can contribute to a current situation. One example of how this works is a course in which JIBS master students - originating in many different countries - help companies prepare for ongoing international expansion and/or export.

We are always interested in discussing innovative ways to engage our students to benefit their learning as well as your business!


JIBS offers students the opportunity to do an internship as part of their study program. An internship is a qualified but temporary work placement for students. By providing a student with the opportunity to do an internship in your company/organisation, you can get assistance in running a project or improving your business in other ways. The length of the internship can vary but should be equivalent to a minimum of 10 weeks of full-time work. The internship content is decided in consultation between the company/organisation, the student and JIBS.

The fact that our students come from all over the world implies a unique opportunity for you to obtain country-specific competence, for instance, when marketing towards a specific geographic area or thinking about establishing your company/organisation abroad.

Read more about internship.

Case competition or "hackathon"

Are you reconsidering your business model, supply chain, product portfolio, or organisation? Or perhaps thinking about how to reach new audiences or improving the sustainability of your operations? Any type of business or organisation challenge you face, we would be happy to elaborate ways to combine your team and challenges with our students' energy and creative ideas.

We can, for example, assist you by organising a case competition or a 24-hours hackathon, from which you obtain concrete ideas and new perspectives from students engaging in solving a problem that you have defined.

Student board

By welcoming a "student board," you can get input from a group of innovative and internationally diverse students. Based on your preferences, we put together a student board for you, based on your preferences, and you plan meetings with this group 3 times over a year (August – June).

Employer branding

JIBS has almost 2000 students – young adults looking out for exiting employment shortly. We can help you to create brand recognition and awareness among these. For example, you can have the opportunity to take part in one of our courses, name one of the teaching rooms at JIBS, or organise presentations of the company on-site at JIBS. Through collaboration with JIBS Student Association


Taking part in the career fair "NextStep" organised annually by JIBS Student Association (JSA) is a great opportunity to meet with JIBS students and at the same time increase the awareness of your company/organisation. Through collaboration with JIBS Student Association (JSA), you can also advertise to our students via social media and the student magazine JIBS United.

Read more about NextStep.

You can advertise open positions free of charge.

Competence development

We want to support continuous learning within your organisation. Regardless of whether you are looking for inspirational workshops for your leadership team, training for a specific group of employees, or competence development for a single individual - we are open to discuss solutions.

Our offer includes online as well as campus-based courses. Alongside our generic course offering, we can also deliver customised solutions. Depending on what suits your specific needs right now, the solution we propose can either be free of charge (courses available through JIBS general application) or invoiced based on our agreement (customised delivery).


If you have a specific and far-reaching interest in a question that concerns the development of your industry, your customers, or your type of organisation, a collaboration with one or several JIBS researchers could be beneficial for you.