ALigHT II (ALloy development for High Temperature applications using the high entropy concept; part II) is a fullscale research project, as a continuation of a feasibility study project (ALigHT), which aims at improving the thermal stability of Ni-based superalloys by using the concept of high entropy alloys design.


High entropy alloys (HEAs) are a new type of advanced metal alloys containing more than 5 different elements, normally in an equimolar proportion. HEAs demonstrate outstanding thermomechanical properties and high chemical resistance in harsh environments. This has made the HEA one of the best candidates for strategically demanding applications in the energy, transport and space sector. The HEA design concept is based mainly on the second law of thermodynamics: by increasing the entropy of the alloy system, it is possible to improve its thermal stability.


Following the successful implementation of the HEA concept for development of Ni-based superalloys in ALigHT project, ALigHT II aims to further improve the thermal stability of Ni-based superalloys to higher temperatures. This creates the potential to expand the market for metallic materials, specifically for durable and sustainable products in strategic industries such as energy, transport and aviation.

Expected results

The expected result is to find a proper answer to the below questions:

  • How can the HEA concept be implemented to improve the thermal stability of superalloys?
  • How is the formability of the developed superalloys (HESAs)?
  • What are the mechanical properties and structural stability of the HESA compared to the reference alloy?
  • What are the micro-mechanisms responsible for the outstanding thermo-mechanical properties of HESAs, and how can these be used for further alloy development?
  • What type of component or product is best suited as the first candidate to be manufactured using HESAs by casting and hot deformation?

Collaboration partners

  • Sandvik Materials Technology
  • GKN Aerospace Sweden AB
  • Chalmers University of Technology

Project duration and financing

The project runs between 2018-08-01 and 2022-06-31, and is co-funded by VINNOVA (under the strategic innovation programme Metallic Materials).

Contact information

If you would like to know more about the project, please contact project leader Ehsan Ghassemali.