“The pathway programme taught me how to write in an academic style”

Barbara Pintér has always been passionate about environmental questions and sustainability. It’s important to understand how we, as individuals, can motivate people, both in our surroundings and society, to make changes. Actions are needed from all of us, and Barbara wanted to learn more about sustainability and sustainable development from a communication perspective.

Barbara Pintér, studying for a master's degree in Sustainable Communication at Jönköping University

I am from Budapest in Hungary, and I am currently studying for a master’s degree in Sustainable Communication at Jönköping International Business School. The programme is a perfect match for me and my career ambitions. I chose Sweden and Jönköping University because of the Sustainable Communication programme. With the knowledge this programme will provide, I believe I can have a career where I can really impact the environment and sustainability.

Before that, however, I did a semester in the pathway program. I mainly had project-based tasks during my bachelor's degree, so the Swedish system was entirely foreign for me. Thanks to the pathway program, I learned to write in an academic style, which is useful for my assignments and the thesis. I also learned how to look at a problem critically and from different angles.

Currently, in addition to my studies, I also take my share of student life. I hold the communications and marketing manager position on the board of a student organization called Students for Sustainable Actions. I am also the leader of a creative team. It is great to have the opportunity to deal with something that interests me and meet students who have similar interests and values as I have.

I think the pathway program has come to my complete advantage. I had a semester to prepare for my further studies and just focus on getting used to the new country, language, and people.

Also, I think Jönköping University is entirely for the students and strives to constantly improve. Both in terms of infrastructure and educational level. I feel like I made a good decision when I moved to Sweden, and hopefully, I can live and work here in the future.

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