"The Pathway Programme is a study experience that comes second to none"

Brothers Rafae and Hilal Ahmad attended the Pathway for Business Programme in Gränna, Sweden. They chose to study here as the Pathway for Business Programme is designed to help students with the necessary qualifications in Mathematics and English.

Two men outside the entrance of Jönköping Business School

The Pathway for Business Programme is a semester designed for those who are interested in business. It gives the students the English skills as well as the mathematics required to study any of the Bachelor programmes within Business or Economics at Jönköping International Business School at JU.

“The study environment was engaging as well as challenging and, I never thought I would say something like this, but the learning itself was the most fulfilling part of this programme. Our teachers put in a lot effort into enhancing our skills and went out of their way to help us develop in our studies, says Rafae Ahmad. He goes on: “The Pathway Programme is a study experience that comes second to none.”

The Pathway Programme provide the students with English language preparation necessary for enrollment in degree programmes at Jönköping University as well as acclimatization to Swedish culture and support in adjusting to the demands, challenges and expectations of Swedish higher education. In addition, at the end of the Pathway for Business Programme, you will receive a certificate of completion demonstrating skills in English and Mathematics equivalent to the levels needed for entry to a Bachelor’s programme at Jönköping University.

“The Pathway Programme is not a conventional way of teaching English, it is designed to help you in your University studies. The implication of this course is way more practical than IELTS or TOEFL. It is demanding work but in the end its very fruitful. I came out of the programme with more confidence having overcome my fear of public speaking and with great improvement in my writing skills, says Hilal Ahmad.

The two brothers have now been accepted and started their studies towards Bachelor’s degrees at Jönköping International Business School at Jönköping University. Rafae is attending Marketing Management and Hilal is attending International Management. Their future is set for the next three years, and the plans beyond that vary for them.

“I’ve always believed in setting goals for myself that lead toward my dream. One goal was to complete the Pathway Programme and another one, for the future, is to put all effort into my studies as well as looking at other avenues to grow as a person and forming meaningful connections during my time at JU. My ultimate dream is to be my own boss and run my own company that contributes to the bettering of society”, says Rafae.

“My plan for future is to graduate first and then I’ll see where my fate takes me. I believe in one step at a time”, says Hilal.

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