Weng is looking forward to working with children

I studied a Bachelor’s in Education in China and then worked for a few years, but I knew early on that I wanted to study abroad. To be able to follow my dream, I needed to improve my English skills.

Photo of smiling woman on the main street of Gränna

I chose to study at JU because I had heard that you have the opportunity to connect with the local people, and I wanted to gain more from the experience than just credits. I have got to know people from Sweden, as well as from many other different countries. Gränna is a small but convenient town, close to the city of Jönköping, and the people are friendly and helpful. I have learned a lot about myself since I began studying. I think studying abroad is invaluable; you learn so much about yourself by just being in a new country with people you didn’t know before.

Studying here is very different compared to China, in a good way. I like that I’m challenged, and I feel that my teachers actually want me to learn. I enjoy the classes, and all the discussions I have with teachers and classmates. I feel like I have developed in many areas, since the education demands that I present and show my knowledge in different ways.

I want to continue to study a master’s programme here at Jönköping University when I finish the Pathway Programme. Afterwards, I would like to work in Sweden for a few years before I move back to China. I think the things that I have learned will be valuable to me in the future. The Pathway Programme is a good preparation if you want to study abroad. It has made me more independent and it gives you an important understanding of the local environment before starting a degree programme.

If you come here to study, try to be outgoing. Communicate with the people you meet in the street as well as your classmates.. You will learn a lot!

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