Find the right rooms for your needs – welcome to the JU Room list

On Sept 1st a list of JU rooms will be published. It gives an overview of our rooms on campus.

You can conveniently access the room list by adding the icon JU Rooms to the home page of the intranet, this by customizing your home page. You will also find a link on Educate's website ( under Learning opportunities.

The list contains information about the most frequently booked lecture rooms and their equipment. In some cases, you can also get tips on what educational resources the lecture room offers.

For special lecture rooms, you will find a contact person if you need more information.

Each lecture room has a photo so you can easily see what the room looks like. To expand the photo, you can click on it.

The local list is a living document and will be built upon as new information comes to us. You are welcome to contribute to the description of rooms that you want to recommend. Feel free to submit pictures, guides, or educational tips to the case management system at JU.

Note that the basic principle still applies. All schools have priority for their own premises, but from four weeks in advance and always during the current study period, you can make reservations for premises at the other schools than your own. For help with this, you can submit the case to the case management system.