Simulation as a pedagogical tool

What is it that our students do not bring into working life from their education?

During a seminar, the possibility of using simulation as a pedagogical tool to practice complex situations in a safe environment was highlighted.

At the seminar, four JU teachers from different educational programs contributed with inspiring insights into how they work with simulation. Björn Erfors talked about the nursing programme, Klas Borell about the social work programme, Mirza Cenanovic about the programme for product development and Hannes Ewehag about the media and communication science programme.

Among other things, the possibilities of simulation were highlighted: to allow students to experience complex situations that are practically and ethically difficult to handle and for which the students need to be prepared before entering the working life.

Through simulation, invisible processes can be made visible and students have the opportunity to both try acting and reflect on their actions.

Going forward, Educate will continue the work with simulation in order to build up support, among other things, on the Educate web.

But we are also very interested in hearing more from JU teachers who are already working with simulation as a pedagogical tool.

Welcome to contact if you would like to share your experiences with us!