In JUs printing system (from Dec. 2018) printing can be made via JU computers, private computers, a web portal and e-mail.

Get started

- deposit money to your print account

- connect your JU card

- print from JU computer/portal/JU mail

- read info at General Questions

JU-Print page: External link, opens in new window.
This is Where you can Recharge your credit and upload print jobs.
How to add money to JU-Print Word, 337.5 kB, opens in new window.
(must be connected to the schools network Eduroam)

First time to be able to use your JU Card to pick up printouts at the printers you must register the card in the system. Place your JU Card at the card reader at any of the  printers and then log in manually on the printer display. See also the Quick reference guide at the printers.

Many answers can be found under Get started/General Questions and other tabs on the right side of the page.

Watch a video guide about printing here External link, opens in new window.

Students use PayPal to pay, with either a PayPal account or a credit card for example Visa/Mastercard. (Not Maestro) 
Also you can buy a Prepaid mastercard called PayGoo GIFT from a Kiosk like 7 eleven, Cirkle K or Pressbyrån.
(Info: PayGoo Reload requires a swedish BankID to be registered.)
Note! PayGoo GIFT needs specific information to work. Read more at (search for PayPal).

Payment (students): External link, opens in new window. (log in with your JU account)
Guide Pdf, 174.7 kB, opens in new window.

Important Information for Nordea-Card owners. External link, opens in new window. (swedish)

Prices (students):
Until 2019-05-31:
A4 b/w 0,18 SEK/side
A4 color 0,29 SEK/side
A3 b/w 0,36 SEK/side
A3 color 0,58 SEK/side
From 2019-06-01:
A4 b/w 0,20 SEK/side
A4 color 0,32 SEK/side
A3 b/w 0,40 SEK/side
A3 color 0,65 SEK/side