To use the printing system as a Jönköping University student you must first create a PayEx account and then link it to your Jönköping University account.

If you are an international student PayEx requires a copy of your passport and a copy of your Jönköping University card to complete the registration of your PayEx account. E-mail the copies to (You can use the scan-to-mail function on any Jönköping University printer to create a pdf-file and send it to your Jönköping University e-mail account, and then forward it to PayEx.)

When the PayEx account is created and linked to your Jönköping University account you will get 50 SEK from Jönköping University for printing/copying. This amount is not shown on your PayEx account. To check your balance please logon to Cirrato selfservice.external link, opens in new window

Create and link your PayEx-account

Please note! Enter all information manually including verification codes, do NOT copy+paste!

Step 1

Create PayEx accountexternal link, opens in new window

Step 2

Link PayEx accountexternal link, opens in new window

Content updated 2017-10-10

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