Welcome to an inspirational information day about Minor Field Studies (MFS)

Are you at the end of your college studies and interested in global development issues, sustainability and intercultural exchange? Then this is something for you!

During this information and inspiration day you get the chance to meet and talk to more than 20 students who have taken their MFS in eleven different developing countries - and all with a focus on sustainable development in the countries in question.

When? May 28th, 3.30 - 5.30 pm.

Where? Forum Humanum, 3rd floor, School of Health and Welfare

Take the opportunity to participate in MFS and do a small field study in a developing country

Through the MFS program, you who, at the end of your college education, can collect data for your thesis on bachelor or master level in a developing country. For at least eight weeks, you study issues that are important for sustainable economic, social, political or knowledge development in the country you are going to.

As an MFS student, you receive a scholarship of SEK 27,000 to cover part of the costs during your stay abroad.

You can do an MFS study in all academic areas, from the humanities and social sciences to science, technology and medicine. Your collected material is used for your bachelor's, master's or master's degree. An additional purpose of the program is to prepare you for work on global development issues.

MFS is a SIDA-funded program with the aim of giving students Swedish/Nordic citizenship or students with permanent residence permit the opportunity to gain knowledge about developing countries, development issues linked to the global sustainability goals.

More information can be found at Studentwebpage or PingPong.

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