This project aims to make the casting manufacturing process more sustainable by the reduction of costs and environmental load through the development of silica sand with improved thermal properties. The project unites academic (research), casting manufacturing (industrial) and product development (supplier) parties.

The project is part of the regional research program, which is a collaboration between Jönköping University, Region Jönköpings län and the business sector.


The expectations from casting buyers are increasing on monthly basis, from both quality and quantity point of view. Even though casting manufacturing processes are well-organized in most foundries, daily technological problems and environmental issues are important factors to be considered. These trends are forcing the foundries to come up with fitting strategies to solve their production challenges, while their suppliers are expected to keep up the continuous improvement of their existing products and to develop new ones.


The purpose of the project "New Generation of Foundry Sands" is to establish a unique collaboration environment between university, industry and supplier to conduct state-of-the-art and relevant research in the topic of sand casting. This cooperation is expected to generate novel scientific knowledge to fulfill long-term academic strategies, together with the continuous utilization of the project results in both casting manufacturing (foundries) and product development (supplier) environments.

Expected results

The scientific results of the project will be the novel understanding of specific thermal properties of silica sand, suitable to initiate the development phase of a new foundry sand. The industrial results will be materialized in the capability of eliminating sand related casting defects and to decrease yield losses assigned to these, while minimalizing environmental load. The results will also contribute to the ongoing development of foundry grade silica products at the supplier company, with the potential of extending the product palette in the foundry technology division.

Collaboration partners

  • Sibelco Nordic AB
  • AB Bruzaholms Bruk
  • Valmet AB
  • Sandvik SRP AB

Project duration and financing

The project runs between 2017-2019 and is co-funded by the Regional Development Council of Jönköping County. For more information regarding the project, contact Judit Svidro,