Research in close cooperation and for the benefit of the industry, the university and the region. New knowledge that can be utilised immediately in the every-day work of the companies and in research projects that strengthen Jönköping as a research region. These are the basic ideas of the regional research programme run by Jönköping University, Region Jönköpings län and the regional business community since 2014.

In 2014, Jönköping University and Region Jönköpings län together, and under the statement of intent that was signed in 2013, created a regional research programme focused on the business sector.

With this programme we jointly invest to:

  • increase the research volume of the region, on our way to become a leading research region in Europe, according to the goal of the regional development strategy (RUS)
  • develop the extent and quality of the cooperation between the university and the regional business sector

Cooperation and funding

Region Jönköpings län and Jönköping University support the programme with five million SEK each for every three-year period, while the business community supports the realisation of the three projects running during this period with working time equivalent to ten million SEK.

"Since we focus on problems that are directly relevant for the participating companies and since they contribute with their own time, rather than money, there is a good basis for genuine cooperation between the university’s researchers and the companies", says Mats Jägstam, acting president at Jönköping University.

The research projects

Nine projects in total have been started since 2014, in sets of three per year.  Each project runs for a period of three years and is run together with a number of companies from the region.

Below, there is a short description of the projects that have been started within the programme so far.


The objective of the project is to develop knowledge on, and methods and tools for, platform-based product development. 

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New Generation of Foundry Sands

The project aims to make the casting production more sustainable, with significant reduction of costs and environmental load, by the development of silica sand with improved thermal properties.

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The overall goal of this project is to develop data-driven methods and algorithms for automated text generation, personalized content and decision support. The technical foundation of the project is artificial intelligence and key deliverables include robot journalists, innovative systems utilizing data analytics and new business models.

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The aim of the project is to prevent tissue injuries, e.g. pressure and bed sores, by optimising the design of body tight external supports, such as prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs.

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The purpose of the project is to develop a method for identification and prioritisation of key factors for companies to be able to keep production in high-cost environments as Sweden.

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The project aim is to develop an integrated simulation tool for industrial product development.

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The purpose of the project is to optimise the whole product development chain for Al-Si castings, including alloy selection, melt treatment, HPDC process and post-solidification, as well as prototyping processes. The optimisation aims at producing high quality Al-Si components.

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The purpose of the project is to develop a method, tools and best practice for connecting and integrating product IT with enterprise IT.

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Reshoring II

The purpose of this project is to advance the understanding of reshoring decisions with particular focus on supply chain issues.

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