ReOPTIC is a research project funded by Vinnova within LIGHTer, which deals with geometry OPTImization of Cast components for weight efficient structures.


Casting is a production technique which allows a great freedom in geometrical design of e.g. automotive components. However, there are a lot of requirements that needs to be fulfilled for the component to be well suited for serial production. Topology optimization is a numerical technique for generating design concepts, but the results needs to be interpreted by the designer into a geometry suitable for casting, a process which today requires a lot of time as well as a lot of expert knowledge about casting.


The purpose of this research project is to find new methodologies to consider casting requirements already in the topology optimization process. The aim is to enable design of lighter components in a more time efficient way by utilizing the design freedom of casting together with the numerical topology optimization techniques.

Expected results

The expected main result is an improved methodology for topology optimization of cast components for automotive and aerospace applications.

Collaboration partners

  • Volvo Car Group
  • GKN Aerospace Sweden AB
  • Holsbyverken i Vetlanda AB
  • Altair Engineering AB
  • Fundo Components AB
  • Novacast Systems AB
  • Swerea SWECAST AB
  • School of Engineering, Jönköping University

Project duration and financing

The project runs during 2017 and 2018, and is co-funded by Vinnova within LIGHTer. If you would like to know more about the project, please contact assistant professor Jakob Olofsson.