The school of Health and Welfare is an international meeting place that can provide opportunities for deeper insights about health care and social work through cultural comparisons and influences.

Internationalisation at the School of Health and Welfare occurs in all education levels as well as in research. Activities include student and teacher mobility, international courses, and research collaboration.

Partner Universities

Our international work is based on the mutual exchange of knowledge and resources within the school’s subject areas. Student and teacher mobility takes place in about 80 partner universities. This not only means increased knowledge for outgoing students and teachers; internationalisation also takes place within the School. Our students meet exchange students and expand their vision through visiting scholars and teachers who contribute with their expertise. We have cooperation with various academic partner institutions abroad regarding research. We also have PhD students from other countries and the number of foreign PhD students will increase as new partnerships are established. In many countries, there is a strong development of corresponding academic programmes. The School of Health and Welfare is an attractive partner and a role model. Find out more about our Partner Universities

HIR 2024

The International Council

The International Council at the School of Health and Welfare

The International Council is appointed by the School of Health and Welfare to work on issues and policies related to international student and teacher exchanges, and international research cooperation. The council's primary role is to coordinate and lead the internationalization work at the School of Health and Welfare.

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