The School of Health and Welfares´activities are appraised, improved and renewed on a continuous basis.

The guiding principles are for the school´s activities to be of a high quality, cost-effective, in the lead nationally and recognized internationally within the adopted research profile areas. Systematic quality work is carried out to monitor the developments that are regulated in the approved plan for activities and quality (“Verksamhets- och kvalitetsplan"). There are, for instance, various forms of evaluation of courses, programs and student assessments.

In addition to internal quality controls, national evaluation by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education is an important “pusher" in the work of developing activities at the School. The Agency´s evaluations have resulted in very favorable assessments of the School of Health and Welfare. Other essential aspects of the work for quality are the monitoring of PhD students´ plans, international cooperation and networks with health care. Regular external assessments are made of the research and postgraduate training.