There are a lot of different software tools available to help you create a recorded presentation. Here we will show some simple tools to get you started with recording your presentation directly within Powerpoint and free softwares as Zoom and the Video Editor that comes with Windows 10. 

Some things to consider before you start to record

Here you will find some things to consider before you start to record your presentations.

Record directly in Powerpoint

When you have made your slides it is easy to record your presentation directly in Powerpoint.

Record your presentation in a Zoom meeting

One way to record your presentation is by using the video conferencing tool Zoom, which can be downloaded from  External link, opens in new window.Here it is easy to setup and record a meeting with yourself.

Trim your recording in Win10 Video editor

If you are running Windows 10, there is a built-in simple video editor that enables you to edit your recording, e.g. to trim the beginning and the end.

Add intro text to your recordings in the Win10 Video Editor

In the Win10 Video Editor it is also easy to add text to the intro of your recording.


How to make an interactive dynamic Powerpoint presentation for your Presentation page

If you prefer to make a Powerpoint presentation for your Presentation page, you can make it dynamic with interactive links between slides.