Keynote: Michel Rappaz

Does MCWASP still follow Moore’s law? Forty years of advances in microstructure modeling

Session A

A1 Additive Manufacturing

"Solidification microstructure selection maps for laser powder bed fusion of multicomponent alloys" P Mohammadpour and A B Phillion

A2 Additive Manufacturing

"Effect of evaporated gas flow on porosity and microstructure of IN718 parts produced by LPBF-processes" J Jakumeit, C Huang, R Laqua, J Zielinski and J H Schleifenbaum

A3 Continuous casting

"Simulation of longitudinal surface defect in steel continuous casting" M L S Zappulla and B G Thomas

A4 Ingot and shape casting

"Modelling of an industrial die casting process for the production of aluminum automotive parts" J Ou, C Wei, D Maijer, S Cockcroft, L A, Y Zhang, Z Chen and Z Zhu

A5 Micro- and macro segregation

"Sensitivity of macroscopic transport calculations to uncertain microscale relationships during metal alloy solidification" J Coleman and M J M Krane

A6 Structure formation at microscale

"Molecular dynamics simulation of heterogeneous nucleation from concave cavity at surface of grain refiner" T Fujinaga and Y Shibuta

A7 Structure formation at microscale

"Development of a model for the prediction of dendrite fragmentation" H Neumann-Heyme, K Eckert and C Beckermann

A8 Thermomechanics

"Concurrent and coupled resolution of fluid flow and solid deformation in solidification processes" S Zhang, G Guillemot, C-A Gandin and M Bellet

Session B

B1 Additive Manufacturing

"Columnar-to-equiaxed transition in a laser scan for metal additive manufacturing" L Yuan, A S Sabau, D StJohn, A Prasad and P D Lee

B2 Additive Manufacturing

"Modeling of the solidification structure evolution of Ti-6Al-4V processed via electron beam powder bed fusion" L Nastac, E Schwalbach, K Chaput and T Butler

B3 Defects

"Multiphase-field modelling of hydrogen pore evolution during alloy solidification" A Zhang, Z Guo, Q Wang and S Xiong

B4 Ingot and shape casting

"Multi-scale simulation of hybrid light metal structures produced by high pressure die casting" J Jakumeit, H Behnken, R Laqua, J Eiken and J Brachmann

B5 Structure formation at microscale

"Three-dimensional needle network model for dendritic growth with fluid flow" T Isensee and D Tourret

B6 Structure formation at microscale

"Calphad-based phase-field study of the interplay between spheroidal graphite growth and chemical segregation in ductile cast iron" J Eiken

B7 Structure formation at microscale

"A cellular automaton approach for the prediction of grain size in grain refined alloys" A Jacot

B8 Welding

"In situ X-ray observations of transient states in arc weld pools" F Wu, K W Falch, M Drakopoulos and W U Mirihanage

Poster session 1

P1-1 Additive Manufacturing

"Mesoscopic modeling of primary spacing and grain selection during columnar solidification in conditions of selective laser melting" Y Li, A Olmedilla, J Zollinger, A Viardin, M Zaloznik

P1-2 Continuous casting

"Performance of turbulence models for flow prediction in a mould of continuous steel caster" J Gregorc, A Kunavar and B Šarler

P1-3 Electromagnetic coupling

"Modeling mixed columnar-equiaxed solidification of Sn-10wt%Pb alloy under forced convection driven by travelling magnetic stirring" Z Zhang, M Wu, H Zhang, E Karimi-Sibaki, A Ludwig and A Kharicha

P1-4 Heat transfer and fluid flow

"Modeling of equiaxed grain motion during solidification of TiAl alloys under centrifugal conditions" M Cisternas Fernández, M Zaloznik and H Combeau

P1-5 Ingot and shape casting

"Modelling and simulation of ingot solidification with the open-source software Code_Saturne" C Demay, M Ferrand, S Belouah and V Robin

P1-6 Mechanical properties and behaviour

"In situ analysis of cast irons mechanical behaviour using synchrotron x-ray tomography and 3DXRD" T Sjögren, S Hall, L Elmquist, E Dartfeldt, E Larsson, M Majkut, J Elfsberg, P Skoglund and J Engquist

P1-7 Structure formation at microscale

"Cellular automaton modelling of M 7C 3 carbide growth during solidification of Fe-C-Cr alloy" H W Zhang, S Zhang, Y C Wang, Y Z Hao, M Miao, K Nakijima, H Lei, Q Wang and J C He

P1-8 Structure formation at microscale

"Investigation of the Mushy zone dynamic and freckle formation with a dendrite envelope model" A Kharicha

P1-9 Structure formation at microscale

"Effects of Bi addition on Si features, tensile properties and wear resistance of hypereutectic Al-15Si alloy" C L Pereira, L F Gomes and J E Spinelli

P1-10 Structure formation at microscale

"Phase field modelling of dendritic solidification by using an adaptive meshless solution procedure" T Dobravec, B Mavric and B Sarler

P1-11 Thermomechanics

"Castings distortion of gas turbine engine parts during solidification and cooling" A Inozemtsev, A Dubrovskaia, K Dongauzer, A Alapanova and A Maleev

Keynote: Damien Tourret

Comparing mesoscopic models for dendritic growth

Session C

C1 Additive Manufacturing

"Study of thermoelectric magnetohydrodynamic convection on solute redistribution during laser additive manufacturing" A Kao, T Gan, C Tonry, I Krastins and K Pericleous

C2 Continuous casting

"Columnar-equiaxed transition in continuous casting based on a micro-macro solidification model with long-range solutal mixing" M Uddagiri, J Spee, S Hubig and I Steinbach

C3 Heat transfer and fluid flow

"Predicting the interfacial heat transfer coefficient of cast Mg-Al alloys using Beck’s inverse analysis" M U Bilal and N Hort

C4 Micro- and macrosegregation

"Numerical investigation of an in-situ observed flow regimes during solidification of an NH4Cl – 70 wt%H2O solution" M Wu, M Stefan-Kharicha, A Kharicha and A Ludwig

C5 Structure formation at microscale

"Parameterization of solidification paths of multi-component aluminium alloys for multi-scale casting simulation" Q Du, K Ellingsen and M Mhamdi

C6 Structure formation at microscale

"The initial transient growth of equiaxed dendrite from a critical nucleus: A theoretical, phase-field and in situ X-radiography imaging study" Y Chen, T Gong, S Li, D Li, X Kang and H Nguyen-Thi

C7 Thermomechanics

"Observation of semisolid deformation by using 4D-CT and 3DXRD" T Narumi, T Nakata and H Yasuda

Poster session 2

P2-1 Additive Manufacturing

"Columnar-equiaxed transition in additive manufacturing simulated by a dual scale approach" P O’toole, M Uddagiri, T Chao, D Gunasegaram, I Steinbach and A Murphy

P2-2 Continuous casting

"Towards a digital twin for Aluminium DC-casting" K Ellingsen, M M’Hamdi and K Omdal Tveito

P2-3 Electromagnetic coupling

"Controlling freckle defect formation with magnetic fields during directional solidification of GaIn Alloy" A Kao, I Krastins, N Shevchenko, S Eckert and K Pericleous

P2-4 Heat transfer and fluid flow

"Permeability tensor for various columnar dendrite structures" Y Mitsuyama, T Takaki, S Sakane, Y Shivuta and M Ohno

P2-5 Ingot and shape casting

"A verification of thermophysical properties of a porous ceramic investment casting mould using commercial computational fluid dynamics software" C A Jones, M R Jolly, A E W Jarfors, M Irwin, R Svenningsson, J Steggo and J Eriksson

P2-6 Micro- and macrosegregation

"Impact of crystal sedimentation and viscoplastic semi-solid dynamics on macrosegregation" C M G Rodrigues, A Ludwig, M Wu, A Kharicha and A Vakrushev

P2-7 Structure formation at microscale

"Influence of crystal fragmentation on the formation of microstructure and macrosegregation during directional solidification under forced convection condition" H Zhang, M Wu, Z Zhang, A Ludwig and A Kharicha

P2-8 Structure formation at microscale

"Coupling a multiphase solidification model with a neural-network based model for thermodynamic equilibria in multicomponent alloys" S Sachi, A Olmedilla, MZaloznik, H Combeau and C-A Gandin

P2-9 Structure formation at microscale

"Applications of pattern recognition for dendritic microstructures" J Strickland, B Nenchev and H B Dong

P2-10 Structure formation at microscale

"3D mesoscopic modeling of settling and packing of equiaxed dendrites" A Olmedilla and M Zaloznik

P2-11 Ultrasonics

"The ultrasound effects on the formation of the solidification structure of A356 ingots processed via a 2-zone induction melting furnace" A Dong and L Nastac