Keynote: Patricio Mendez

Reduced order models for welding and solidification processes

Session D

D1 Additive Manufacturing

"Resolving the effects of local convective heat transfer via adjustment of thermo-physical properties in pure heat conduction simulation of Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF)" M Bayat, V K Nadimpalli, S Mohanty and J H Hattel

D2 Additive Manufacturing

"Melt pool morphology in directed energy deposition additive manufacturing process" Y Chen, S Clark, A C L Leung, L Sinclair, S Marussi, R Atwood, T Connoley, M Jones, G Baxter and P D Lee

D3 Defects

"Advanced modeling of shrinkage porosity in castings" P Esser, C Schankies, V Khalajzadeh and C Beckermann

D4 Ingot and shape casting

"Prediction of solidification structures in a 9.8 tonne steel ingot" B Gerin, H Combeau, M Založnik, I Poitrault and M Cherif

D5 Structure formation at microscale

"Comparison of solidification kinetics of compacted and lamellar cast irons" J Lacaze, U de la Torre, J Sertucha and A Regordosa

D6 Structure formation at microscale

"Solidification of glass forming metallic liquids" K Georgarakis

D7 Structure formation at microscale

"Modelling of shear bands during solidification" A Ludwig, C M G Rodrigues, M Wu and A Kharicha

D8 Welding

"Revealing internal flow behaviour during arc welding of steel" L Aucott, H Dong, W Mirihanage, R Atwood, A Kidess, S Gao, S Wen, J Marsden, S Feng, M Tong, T Connolley, M Drakopoulos, C Kleijn, I Richardson, D Browne, R Mathiesen and H V Atkinson

Session E

E1 Additive Manufacturing

"Thermomechanical modeling of additively manufactured structural parts – different approaches on the macroscale" J Thorborg, P Esser and M Bayat

E2 Continuous casting

"Modelling viscoplastic behavior of solidifying shell under applied electromagnetic breaking during continuous casting" A Vakhrushev, A Kharicha, M Wu, A Ludwig, G Nitzl, Y Tang, G Hackl, J Watzinger and C M G Rodrigues

E3 Defects

"Three-dimensional numerical simulation of solidification microporosity and microstructure of aluminum alloys" C Gu and A A Luo

E4 Mechanical properties and behaviour

"X-ray tomography, digital volume correlation and FE modelling: A synergistic combination to study the processing-structure-property relations in ductile iron" T Andriollo, Y Zhang, S Fæster, J Thorborg, N S Tiedje, V Kouznetsova and J Hattel

E5 Structure formation at microscale

"3D cellular automaton modelling of silicon crystallization including grains in twin relationship" A Pineau, G Guillemot, G Reinhart, G Regula, N Mangelinck-Noël and Ch-A Gandin

E6 Structure formation at microscale

"Modelling of intermetallic layers formation during solid-liquid joining of dissimilar metallic materials" V Glück Nardi, T Greß, B Tonn and W Volk

E7 Ultrasonics

"Progress in the development of a contactless ultrasonic processing route for alloy grain refinement" K A Pericleous, C Beckwith, V Bojarevics, G Djambazov, A Dybalska, W D Griffiths and C Tonry

Poster session 3

P3-1 Additive Manufacturing

"Part-scale mechanical modelling of LPBF including microstructural evolution effects" D De Baere, M Bayat, S Mohanty and J H Hattel

P3-2 Continuous casting

"On the effect of grain refinement on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Direct-Chill cast Al-Si alloys" A Richardson, M Stiehler, M Jolly and K Georgarakis

P3-3 Electromagnetic coupling

"In situ observation of directional solidification in Ga-In alloy under a transverse DC magnetic field" S He, N Shevchenko and S Eckert

P3-4 Heat transfer and fluid flow

"A meshless solution of a of lid-driven cavity containing a heterogeneous porous medium" V Hatić, Z Rek, K Mramor, B Mavrič and B Šarler

P3-5 Ingot and shape casting

"Multiscale solidification simulation of Sr-modified Al-Si-Mg alloy in die casting" B Zhou, G Laschet, J Eiken, H Behnken and M Apel

P3-6 Micro- and macro-segregation

"Modelling macrosegregation modification in dc casting of aluminium alloys in sheet ingots accounting for inlet melt flow, equiaxed grain morphology and transport" A Pakanati, M M’Hamdi, H Combeau and M Založnik

P3-7 Structure formation at microscale

"Effect of Al-V-B grain refiner on refining aluminium alloys: estimation from ab initio calculations" S Ma, N Zong, H Dong and T Jing

P3-8 Structure formation at microscale

"In situ observation of austenite coarsening induced by massive-like transformation during solidification in Fe–C alloys" H Yasuda, T Suga, K Ichida, T Narumi and K Morishita

P3-9 Structure formation at microscale

"Phase field crystal modeling of nucleation at the atomic scale in comparison to molecular dynamics" J Wang

P3-10 Structure formation at microscale

"A benchmark study of two-dimensional binary alloy solidification with moving grains in a cubic cavity" K Mramor, Z Rek, T Dobravec, B Mavrič, V Hatić and B Šarler

P3-11 Thermomechanics

"Application of multi-phase-field lattice Boltzmann method to semi-solid deformation" N Yamanaka, S Sakane and T Takaki

P3-12 Welding

"Predicting solidification cracking susceptibility of stainless steels using machine learning" S Feng and H B Dong

Keynote: Jesper Thorborg

The virtual core – modelling and optimization of core manufacturing and application

Session F

F1 Additive Manufacturing

"Capturing Marangoni flow via synchrotron imaging of selective laser melting" S J Clark, C L A Leung, Y Chen, L Sinclair, S Marussi and P D Lee

F2 Continuous casting

"Integrated numerical simulation of the industrial continuous casting process" J Fainberg, E Hepp, W Schäfer and C Krafthöfer

F3 Electromagnetic coupling

"Comparison of two-phase and three-phase macroscopic models of equiaxed grain growth in solidification of binary alloy with electromagnetic stirring" T Wang, S Semenov, E Wang, Y Delannoy, Y Fautrelle and O Budenkova

F4 Micro- and macrosegregation

"Modelling the evolution of MnS inclusions and macrosegregation during solidification using a three-phase model" D Cai, J Li, H Dong and J Li

F5 Structure formation at microscale

"The integration of structural mechanics into microstructure solidification modelling" P Soar, A Kao, G Djambazov, N Shevchenko, S Eckert and K Pericleous

F6 Structure formation at microscale

"Modelling the temperature gradient effect on the grain refinement of inoculated aluminium alloys" Y Xu, R H Mathiesen and Y Li 

F7 Welding

"Phase-field study on microstructure formation in Mar-M247 during electron beam welding and correlation to hot cracking susceptibility" B Böttger, M Apel, T Jokisch and A Senger

Poster session 4

P4-1 Continuous casting

"A meshless thermomechanical travelling-slice model of continuous casting of steel" B Mavrič, T Dobravec, R Vertnik and B Šarler

P4-2 Defects

"Modelling of localised shrinkage pressure in a directionally solidifying domain" B Nenchev and S Gill

P4-3 Electromagnetic coupling

"Numerical and analytic modelling of thermoelectric currents in solid grains during solidification" Y Du Terrail Couvat, A Gagnoud, Y Fautrelle and O Budenkova

P4-4 Ingot and shape casting

"Optimisation of the filling process in counter-gravity casting" M Papanikolaou, P Saxena, E Pagone, K Salonitis and M Jolly

P4-5 Mechanical properties and behaviour

"Impact of local Si segregation on strain localization in ductile cast iron" C L Xu, T Andriollo, F Lin, Y B Zhang, J Hattel and N Tiedje

P4-6 Micro- and macrosegregation

"Microsegregation model including Soret effect: an application for Sn-Bi alloy" J E Santos Filho and R Heringer

P4-7 Structure formation at microscale

"Casting and solidification of magnesium alloys" Y Huang, K Kainer and H Nort

P4-8 Structure formation at microscale

"Evolution of dendritic morphology in a solidifying Ga-In alloy studied by in-situ synchrotron radiography" N Shevchenko, H Neumann-Heyme, J Grenzer, O Keplinger, A Rack, K Eckert and S Eckert

P4-9 Structure formation at microscale

"Cellular automaton modelling to predict multi-phase solidification microstructures for Fe-C peritectic alloys" J Ogawa and Y Natsume

P4-10 Structure formation at microscale

"A geometrical look at phase field modelling of faceted growth in alloy solidification" P C Bollada, A M Mullis, P K Jimack

P4-11 Thermomechanics

"Toward the development of a thermal-stress model of an industrial counter pressure casting process" C Wei, J Ou, P Fan, F Mehr, D Maijer, S Cockcroft, Y Zhang, Z Chen, L A and Z Zhu

P4-12 Thermophysical properties

"Molecular dynamics study of composition dependence of solid-liquid interfacial energy of Fe-Ni binary alloy" K Ueno and Y Shibuta