Preventive measures

Safety representatives

Safety representatives work to ensure a good working environment and to prevent ill-health and accidents.

Safety representatives at Jönköping University represent employees in connection with working environment issues. They are elected by the union organisations, and are coordinated by the person who has been appointed as Chief Safety Representative. Students can also influence their working environment via the Student Union.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the working environment at Jönköping University, please do not hesitate to contact our Chief Safety Representative, Thomas Axelsson.

Fire prevention

Remember that:

  • evacuation routes must always be free from obstacles
  • fire-fighting equipment must not be blocked
  • fire doors must never be propped open
  • electrical equipment such as kettles, coffee machines and hot plates must always be fitted with a timer.

Theft prevention

Thefts are often crimes of opportunity, and this is just as true at the University as anywhere else. Keep an eye on your belongings, particularly items that are liable to be stolen. It is important that employees lock their offices when unoccupied.