The retirement age is 65 and is set as the end the calendar month before a person's 65th birthday. You are entitled, but not obligated, to remain employed until the end of the month of your 67th birthday. Permanent employment always ends at the end of the month of your 67th birthday, in accordance with the Security of Employment Act.

The different pension components

Your pension can be divided into three different components: national retirement pension from the Swedish Pensions Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten), occupational pension from your employer (which at JU is managed by SPV, the National Government Employee Pensions Board (Statens Tjänstepensionsverk)) and any private pension plan. The different pensions do not affect each other; they are combined and together comprise your total pension.

National retirement pension

National retirement pension is disbursed by the Swedish Pensions Agency. It comprises income pension and premium pension and is based on income. There are also other components that can be included depending on your date of birth and whether you have been without income. Apply for state retirement pension from the Swedish Pensions Agency External link, opens in new window.about two or three months prior to retirement.

Occupational pension

As an employee of Jönköping University you are covered by the occupational pension agreement PA 16. If you are born before 1946 you are still covered by the agreement PA 91. These agreements include retirement pension, disability pension and survivor's pension. Occupational pension is paid by the employer in addition to your salary.

You will receive a form from SPV External link, opens in new window. seven months before reaching retirement age.

Private pension

You may also have private savings in a pension plan at your bank or via an insurance company. These are voluntary and private savings.