Group life insurance, which is the Government Service Group Life Insurance, is provided by SPV

As an employee at Jönköping University, you are insured by the Government Service Group Life Insurance TGL-S External link, opens in new window. (in Swedish). Employees do not pay a premium themselves for this insurance. TGL-S insurance is a life insurance policy which protects the surviving spouse, partner and/or children in the event of the employee’s death.

The policy can also include a spouse or partner who has no service group life insurance policy of their own. TGL-S also provides post-cover, which means that the policy will still apply even after termination of employment.

Personal injury insurance, the state-funded Compensation for Personal Injury Agreement (PSA), is provided by AFA

Personal injury insurance (PSA) applies where you sustain an injury at work or en route to or from work. The Agreement is a complement to the compensation you may receive from a body such as the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. A work-related injury can mean that by taking sick leave the employee suffers a loss of income and extra costs. Personal injury insurance allows you to receive compensation for loss of income and costs as well as for physical and psychological suffering.

Voluntary group insurance with Skandia

As an employee at Jönköping University you also have the opportunity to take out voluntary group insurance with Skandia. This insurance is paid for and managed by the employee.