Salary is paid out to all employees, usually on the 25th of each month, by the bank Swedbank.

Salary payments at Jönköping University are done on the 25th of each month or, if the 25th is a Sunday or public holiday, on the following workday. If the 25th is a Saturday, salary is paid out on the 24th.

Salary is paid out by Swedbank. In case Swedbank is not your bank, you need to provide Swedbank with the details of the account to which you would like to have your salary transferred: Anmäl ditt konto till Swedbanks kontoregister External link, opens in new window. (in Swedish)

In case your salary should be transferred to your home country bank account, please contact your manager/salary administrator and provide the following information: 

  • Name of bank
  • Address of bank
  • Country
  • ABA/Routing number
  • IBAN-/Account number
  • BIC/SWIFT-code