In Sweden, you can either buy or rent a house or an apartment. In the rental market, you will find both private and municipal landlords. Here External link, opens in new window. you can read more about the housing market in Jönköping and get som examples of the costs of renting accommodation.

In Jönköping Municipality, there are several landlords and housing corporations that provide rental housing. There are also a number of estate agents that can help you find accommodation. Hemnet is a website where you can find housing for sale on the Swedish market.

The housing market in Jönköping is strained and it can therefore be difficult to find housing. This can, in some cases, require you to consider to be flexible regarding your requests. To apply for a first-hand contract for an apartment, you generally must register in housing queues. To be able to register in housing queues a Swedish personal identity number is usually required, but with some landlords a certified passport copy is enough. Generally, a personal identity number is crucial in, for instance, moving forward in the process of arranging with long term accommodation. A priority is therefore to set up a personal identity number if you are staying for more than 12 months or a co-ordination number if you are staying for less than 12 months.

The high demand on these types of accommodation means that there are long waiting lists, possibly several years. General tips are to register in as many housing queues as possible, be persistence and call landlords regularly to see if they have any available apartments. However, sublet apartments for different lengths of time is also an option and can be easier to get hold of.

When you have acquired accommodation, consider if  you may also need:

  • Electricity supply contract
  • TV, broadband, TV licence
  • Insurance

Most rentals are unfurnished. Whether you buy or rent accommodation, you will find a cooker, fridge and freezer in place. Heating and hot water are generally included in the rent, other services such as electricity, broadband etcetera may or may not be included.