Åsa Hirsh

Assistant Professor education

Division 2 , School of Education and Communication



Assessment and its impact on learning and instruction are more emphasized than ever in Swedish schools. In a new assessment paradigm teachers are encouraged to develop the formative aspects of assessment, at the same time as formal grading, high stake testing, documentation and accountability are increasingly accentuated issues.

In her thesis, Åsa Hirsh studies the Individual Education Plan as part of teachers' assessment practice. In four studies, she problematizes different aspects of the IEP as a tool for learning and assessment. Together the studies form an entity, in which the IEP is understood as document as well as practice. A sociocultural perspective is central to the studies, where a basic assumption is that there are a number of factors influencing how teachers are given the opportunity to form IEP documentation and practice.

Åsa Hirsh defended her doctoral thesis 29 November 2013 in Education on the dissertation The Individual Development Plan as Tool and Practice in Swedish compulsory school.


Åsa Hirsh has for several years worked as a secondary school teacher. After completing a Master degree in Educational Work in 2007, she has worked with school development focusing on assessment issues. Åsa is frequently engaged in lecturing within the area of assessment and IEP, and is also giving courses in assessment at the university.


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