In this series of interviews, those who have been part of Jönköping University's journey give us an insight into how the university has developed and why it plays such an important role in the region and beyond.

Porträttbild på Gösta Gunnarsson

Gösta Gunnarsson

Former Governor of Jönköping County

"We took a cheeky gamble."

Porträttbild på rektor Agneta Marell

Agneta Marell

President of Jönköping University

"We should dare to use the insights and expertise of our students, faculty and staff to be alert and resolute."

SPARK - A unique research and education environment

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Porträttbild på Tim Nilsson

Tim Nilsson

JIBS alumni and Contingent Managing Director at Techstars Sweden

"JIBS left an international mark on one's personality"

Porträttbild på Lucia Naldi

Lucia Naldi

Senior advisor on Internationalisation

“JU's approach to internationalisation is entrepreneurial and multi-faceted”

Porträttbild på Guénola Nonet och Sofia Kjellström

Guénola Nonet och
Sofia Kjellström

Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Quality Improvement

"When we tie in our different knowledges, great things happen!"

Porträttbild på Mathias Bransmo och Gustav Österström

Mathias Bransmo och Gustav Österström

Former and present Managing Directors at Science Park

"We have built a regional innovation center."