Dress code for promovendi och installandi

For promovendi and installandi, the dress code is full dress. This means strictly formal attire.

Men are expected to wear a tailcoat along with a white waistcoat and a white bow tie, complemented by black shoes and socks.

Women have the option of a long black gown or a long skirt with a jacket. This must be truly dressy.

Dress code for guests

Are you invited only to the ceremony the dress code is business attire.

Are you invited to the ceremony and the following dinner the dress code is formal attire, which means black tailcoat with a white shirt, white waistcoat and white bow tie, or a long evening dress or long skirt in any color of choice.

Military uniforms, and traditional/folk costumes are also considered acceptable as formal attire for both men and women.

Is it possible to wear just a black suit and a nice dress to the banquet?
Yes it is. The dress recommendation for the banquet is formal attire, but as a guest, you can choose to deviate from the recommendation and wear a dark suit instead, and you are equally welcome. However, you should be aware that you may be alone at your table not wearing formal attire.

Were can I rent a tailcoat?

In Jönköping you can rent a tailcoat from Kristina Brud & Fest External link, opens in new window.
They have extensive experience in renting out formal clothes during Academic Ceremony.